Dear Friends of JobTech,

We started our journey 10 months ago, as a free platform to help retrenched Professionals, Managers, Engineers and Technicians (PMET) find jobs and re-enter the workforce.

In that time we have reached thousands of users, many of them PMETs looking for their next opportunity. We have met with many of you to understand your challenges and struggles. We were greatly saddened by the injustice that we saw. We felt your uncertainty, your worry about the future, the threat to your families and way of life.

Yesterday we found out that not everyone shares our view of wanting to help retrenched PMETs get back to work. As a result, we have had to take down our Jobseeker website for the moment. In many ways, what has happened to us, is similar to what many of the retrenched PMETs have faced. We didn’t think it would happen because we thought we were providing valuable and important service.

Similar to your job search process, we will not give up. We will continue to persevere and review how we can continue to serve you better.

'Good source of information on where the opportunities are and giving realistic expectations in the current economy.'

Ricky Chan

'I will definitely promote my positive experiences in JobTech to benefit more job seekers.'

YC Lim

'JobTech is a very useful website for us, as a jobseeker, to get unbiased information on the jobs available in the current market.'


'JobTech allows me to find my desired job easily. The average wage feature also helps to align my own expectations when looking for jobs.'

SQ Tan

'As a job seeker, I need to know why my resumes are not getting me interviews. With the powerful analysis by JobTech I can easily narrow down my job match. And I can see broad patterns as in which industry is hiring. I need to get past all the noise and to the true situation.'

Ernest Tan

'JobTech is powered by AI and I appreciate the fact that it provides free information and offers job seekers a real-time view of unique job opportunities across key sectors in the Singapore economy.'

Lim Lai Cheng

Executive Director, SMU Academy